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In order to import a car from Japan, you need to be familiar with Japanese used car import procedures, import regulations, money transfer methods and common trade terms.Having a good understanding of the procedure will make your business more pleasure with Japanese car exporters.

To ensure smooth import process, you need to understand the import procedures and custom regulations in your country.

Most Japanese used car dealers prefer wire transfer (telegraphic transfer) as payment method.
For countries where Government policy is letter of credit as money transfer method, some exporters accept L/C and some may not. Please confirm the exporter.

Most of car exporters in Japan do not accept credit cards.

Once the vehicle is exported from Japan and arrives at your port, it is your responsibility to take it from the port and perform custom clearance. If you are not in a position to clear the vehicle personally, you can hire a customs clearing & forwarding agent to perform custom clearance.

Protect yourself against internet fraud

If you plan to buy a car, machinery, or anything from an exporter in Japan now or in the future, it is strongly recommend for your own safety to check any Japanese website or company's status under the "Japan Company Trust Organization" which is an anti-fraud organization in Japan. This Organization has close connection with Japanese police, and all fraud-attempts are immediately reported to Japanese Police Department.

JCTO (Japan Company Trust Organization) make sure that any Japanese company that passes their scrutiny will not victimize any customer. They verify the company’s profile including registration, license, physical address confirmation, and company's previous record. The JIO warns you to
DO NOT remit money to any so-called Japanese company before verification at "Japan Company Trust Organization -

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