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"JIO" Japan inspection Organization
3-8-10 Unoki, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 146-0091, Japan
Tel: 03-5481-1666 Fax: 03-5481-1660
Japan Inspection Organization

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Shipping service in JapanCar shipping service in Japan


If you stay in Japan and now leaving for your home country, or still in Japan but want to send your car from Japan to nearest sea port in your country. JIO™ can shipment your car to your country. This service is strictly for private persons only. JIO™ do not shipment cars for auto export companies.

* You will send an E-mail with details of your car i.e. model, year of manufacturing, name of sea port where you want to send the car. Also send your name, address in Japan, and telephone number in Japan. You can call our English speaking staff at 03-5481-1666

* You will bring the car at JIO™ sea port yard (address and access map will be inform later). If you cannot bring the car by yourself, JIO™ can arrange inland transportation of car from your place to port for a separate fee.

* If you will drive the car to above yard by yourself, bring 2 copies of "delivery receipt " with you. One is for JIO™ record while other one will be stamp and return to you as the evidence of delivery. You can print the delivery receipt form by click here

* There are two kinds of charges involve in shipping process. The first one is Japan side charges 80,000 Japanese Yen, while other one is ocean freight that shipping company will charge you to carry your vehicle from Japanese port to your destination port. Ocean freight is vary depend on overall size of each car, and is payable in US Dollars. If you will pay ocean freight in Japan, the amount will be calculated in Japanese Yen on current currency exchange rate.

* You will send payment Japanese Yen 80,000 in JIO™ Bank Account. This fee include documentation + customs clearance in Japan + storage of car at yard till the arrival of vessel + loading of car in ship + Sending shipping documents by speed courier DHL to your country.

* If your car is already de-registered, you will send JIO™ de-registration certificate of your car by post (
Takkyubin) with name, address, and telephone number in your country which you want in all shipping documents. But if the car is still with number plate, remove the number plates from car and take it to your nearest car registration office anywhere in Japan with original registration paper (Shakensho) and your seal impression (inkanshomesho) and tell them, you want "Export de-registration" (Yushutsu Masho).

* Your car will be sent with first available ship.

* Bill of lading and all other shipping documents will be sent by DHL at address in your country or at your Japan address whatever you like.

* Please again note that, the service is strictly for private persons only. We do not shipment cars for auto export companies.

Important : Kindly note that inner cargo (anything inside the car such as personal belongings etc.) except spare wheel and tool box are strictly not allowed due to safety reason of vessel.

Send request for your car shipment by click here

How to send payment

JIO accept payment for shipping service by wire transfer only. Payment by Paypal or Credit card is not accepted for shipping service.

Bank detail

Name of Bank : Mizuho Bank Limited
Name of Branch : Setagaya Branch
Account No. 1 3 4 5 6 0 1
Account Name (Beneficiary Name) : Japan Inspection Organization
Swift code of Bank : M H B K J P J T
Address of Bank : 1-1-5 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011, Japan

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